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Put in scene: Olivier Benezech. Video: Emmanuel Relative/Images: prizes winner of the contest “shades and light” organized by the town of Saint Cloud and works of professionals.

helene berger

The musical program putting in lighting filiation enters the French type-setters attached to the picturesque evocations (Rameau, Debussy, Couperin, Ravel) with balance between recognized works, and those whose mode left their authors in relative a half-light such Sauguet, Duparc.

The research of the play with the light and the preparing of the scene as well as possible to serve musical listening and the attention of the public, in relation to the works proposed with an aim of bringing a reflexion on the miles and a way of being receptive with the music (synchronized lightings: hands alone, interior of the piano, complete black, full fires and use of the screen for projection of images and large plans) the sensitizing of the young people to their visual environment by inviting them to take part upstream by a photo contest and/or painting on the topic of the shade and the light (in educational circle school or extra) whose best works exposed in the hall of the theatre and will be integrated within the concert as a projected decoration



ombre1RAMEAU Sarabande / Cyclope
Le rappel des oiseaux /Tambourin
FAURÉ 6ème nocturne
RAVEL Alborada del graçioso /Pavane pour une infante défunte
BOLLING Hispanic danse (new transcription of H.Berger with the authorization of the author)
SAUGUET Amazone / Le jardin de mamy / Flirt
DUPARC Extase (transcription for piano solo Hélène Berger)
BERGER Perpetual train / Wait / Premier regard d’Oryane
DEBUSSY Clair de lune /L’Isle joyeuse

To seize the nuances between seeing, observing and to contemplate; to appreciate the differences between hearing, listening and to feel are for the children - as for the adults a source of blooming, discoveries unceasingly renewed and of a better opening to the culture like with nature. (Technically, to envisage: grand piano/screen and videoprojector connected to a computer, two repetitions with the lighting engineer)

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helene berger

By expressing the desire to withdraw traditional circuits, the pianist François-Rene Duchable announced that it would not occur any more but in exceptional circumstances and for the public new ones. In homage to Olympic triple medal-holder and pianist concert performer Micheline Ostermeyer, old friendly and musical partner, it joins Helene Berger, former pupil of this one to offer one evening to multiple faces combining sporting and musical performances.
Are associated the evening an exposure, the projection of extracts of the film “Micheline, the crossing of the destiny” of Pierre Simonet as well as the synchronized participation of sportsmen.

EXPOSURE : In the place of reception, possibility of an exposure carried out starting from photographs and documents of files of the INSEP on the musical and sporting career of Micheline Ostermeyer (prepared frameworks and panels) 

FILM : In first part, inserted with the musical execution of François-Rene Duchable and Helene Berger, the extracts of the film “Micheline or the crossing of the destinies” of Pierre Simonet carried out for the INSEP.

SPORT : In musical synchronization with François-Rene Duchable and Helene Berger, the participation of regional sportsmen of national level in disciplines easily being able to be chorégraphiées such as GRS, beam, asymmetric bars and parallel, rings, etc… [recording of the interpreters available for work upstream of the sporting teams before repetitions]


Dimitri Chostakovitch : Concertino opus 94
W.A.Mozart - Grieg : Sonate
Sergei Rachmaninov : Romance suite n°2 opus 17
Maurice Ravel la Valse
Claude Bolling : Hispanic Danse (finale)
Claude Debussy : clair de lune
Frantz Liszt: Saint François de Paul marchant sur les flots
Johannes Brahms : danses hongroises n°1, 7, 5
Hélène Berger : 1er regard d’Oryane
Manuel de Falla : la danse du feu

Until the term in 2001, Micheline Ostermeyer will have deployed with her piano the same energy and the same force of life which had involved it on the podium of the Olympic Games of London in 1948. Expressing as of its youth the exceptional gifts (musical theory at 3 years, piano at 4 years) it obtains one 1st price with the Academy of Tunis and gives its first great 11 years old recital. At 13 years, it is allowed from the start to the Academy of Paris, in the class of Lazare Levy. Prize winner after the Second World war, it starts a double career of international level on the plan pianistic, with concerts in all Europe, and on the sporting level, crowned by her Olympic exploits. With the OJ of London of 1948, it gains the gold medal to the weight and the disc, and the bronze medal to the high jump. It is in addition vice-champion of Europe and thirteen times champion of France. Piano teacher to the Academy of Lorient then of Saint-Germain-in-Bush hammer, it will mark many generations of pupils become themselves professional of the music, like Helene Berger, Elisabeth Meric or Chrystel Marchand.

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Version Concert : two pianos with keybords chasses croises

By revisiting works which one believed familiar or by arranging their compositions for two pianos, two concert performers intermingle their respective musical universes with humour, imagination and complicity to offer a single program swept by swing and modernity.   The meeting between these two artists goes up in 1994 when Valerie Benzaquine moves towards a musical career and chooses to study the traditional piano with Helene Berger. Their relation fully illustrates the musical exchange beyond cleavage Master-raises, each one absorbing the sound universe of the other with curiosity and delight.  The natural evolution of their musical experimentation currently leads them to juxtapose acoustic and numerical keyboard, redefining a new sound universe


Hommage to Bill Evans (Berger)
Secret dance (Benzaquine/Morelli)
1st glance of Oryane (Berger)
“Dark” Angel Eyes (Denis/Brent)
the Mississippi rag (C.Bolling)
Manual Infante: Andalusian dances
My favorite things (Hammerstein/Rodgers)
Three topics Yiddish (Berger)
arrangements on Bach, Chopin and Debussy
Variations Paganini (Lutoslavski)
Cyclades (Jean François Gassot)

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